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CHARLTON, David. Opera in the Age of Rousseau [Text tipărit] : Music, Confrontation, Realism / David Charlton . ─ Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013. – XXI, 414 p. : il., note muz., facs. – (Cambridge studies in opera). – Bibliogr. Bibliogr. : p. 391-402. – ISBN: 978-0-521-88760-1. [Această monografie este din colecția : Cambridge Studies in Opera. –]


Historians of French politics, art, philosophy and literature have long known the tensions and fascinations of Louis XV’s reign, the 1750s in particular. David Charlton’s study comprehensively re-examines this period, from Rameau to Gluck and elucidates the9781107504349 long-term issues surrounding opera. Taking Rousseau’s Le Devin du Village as one narrative centrepiece, Charlton investigates this opera’s origins and influences in the 1740s and goes on to use past and present research to create a new structural model that explains the elements of reform in Gluck’s tragédies for Paris. Charlton’s book opens many new perspectives on the musical practices and politics of the period, including the Querelle des Bouffons. It gives the first detailed account of intermezzi and opere buffe performed by Eustachio Bambini’s troupe at the Paris Opéra from August 1752 to February 1754 and discusses Rameau’s comedies Platée and Les Paladins and their origins.

Offers the first integrated account of opera in Paris in the mid-eighteenth century, showing how French and Italian operas were acted, staged and discussed. Rousseau’s popular opera Le Devin du Village is discussed and contextualised, as is the effect on contemporaries of his polemical interventions. Offers an original explanation of the way opera developed and back-dates many aspects of the reforms of Gluck, giving special attention to literary sources.


Part I. Princely Theatre:
1. Palaces and patronage: Le Devin and the 1754 Alceste
2. Acting: from convention to discipline
3. The Opéra: cycles versus changes
4. The reality of pastoral, 1742–52
5. Le Devin du Village: a contextual enquiry
Part II. Opinion:
6. Opera as a subject of debate
7. The Querelle: ‘two ridiculous theses’
8. Visions of reform
Part III. Italian Opera for Paris:
9. Travelling opera
10. ‘A real kick in the backside’: Bambini’s performances and their effect
11. Creative consequences
Part IV. Towards European Integration:
12. New generations, new tastes
13. In three acts: from Zaïde to Les Paladins
14. In three acts: the replacement of Rameau.


Table of contents

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